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Tree Spraying & Fertilization In Middletown, CA

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Prevent Pests From Damaging The Trees In Your Middletown Yard

Trees are an essential part of our ecosystem. They filter carbon dioxide from the air and produce the oxygen that we breathe. Some trees provide us with delicious fruits. Plus, trees look pretty cool! Unfortunately, trees also attract a number of common pests that want to cause them harm. Aphids, beetles, carpenter ants, emerald ash borers, pine borers, and termites are common pests in Middletown that will cause damage to your trees and landscape.

For the best protection possible, contact Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. We offer protective tree spraying and fertilization services in Middletown to keep your trees healthy and green!

Our Middletown, CA Tree Spraying & Fertilization Service

Our tree spraying service uses specialized equipment to apply a protective, pest-resistant coating to your trees. This coating prevents damaging pests from causing harm to your trees over time. Our tree sprays not only prevent pest infestations but also promote healthy growth and allow your trees to flourish.

Some of the benefits of our tree spraying service include the following:

  • Controls parasites and insect infestations
  • Increases lifespan
  • Promotes healthy growth
  • Keeps trees looking beautiful

Our tree spraying service is performed one or two times a year and is a small investment compared to tree removal and replacement. To learn about our tree spraying services, call today.

Total Protection For Trees To Keep Your Landscape Healthy & Green

Let’s get something straight: Pests are never wanted on your property, indoors or out. When you discover pests living around your home, it is always wise to reach out to Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. for immediate assistance. Our team is highly trained in tree spraying, weed control, and home pest management solutions in Middletown, and we guarantee your home will become and remain pest-free. Learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services by reaching out today!

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