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Termite Control In Middletown, CA

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Armed Force Pest Control Protects Against Wood-Eating Insects

Termites are easily some of the most destructive pests in California. Ripping through wooden structures in residential and commercial environments, it's simply not safe to leave these pests to their own devices.

If your home or business has a sudden infestation of these wood-eating insects, you will want to act quickly. At Armed Force Pest Control, we know how important it is to protect your Middletown property against termites. Our pest control experts are available around the clock, giving you the greatest amount of power over year-round protection, prevention, and elimination.

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Our Termite Treatment Process

The termite control process from Armed Force Pest Control manages two primary species — subterranean and drywood termites.

The first stage of the process always involves a physical inspection, carefully checking around the home's walls, baseboards, and crawl spaces. A fully functional report will be provided at the end of the assessment, detailing any termite activity or potential harborage zones. If you are interested in moving forward with solutions and possible treatments, our team will present a custom termite control program for your approval. Once signed off, we will implement prevention, treatment, and monitoring solutions in areas all over the property.

Apart from our regular WDO inspections and termite control solutions in Middletown, Armed Force Pest Control also offers the following services: 

  • Real Estate Transaction Inspections
  • Termite & Wood Destroying Organism Inspections
  • Treatments Damage Repairs 
  • Monitoring & Baiting Programs

Sign up for your termite control program of choice by submitting a contact form to Armed Force Pest Control. One of our highly qualified representatives will be with you shortly.

Suggestions For Wood Eating Insect Prevention

Keeping wood-eating insects like termites out of the house isn't always possible. For this reason, it's best to apply regular prevention both inside and outside the property.

Below are three of the best methods of termite prevention in Middletown.

  1. Keep Mold and Mildew Under Control. Reduce household moisture with a set of desiccant bags, dehumidifiers, or even pipe repairs. For solutions you cannot implement on your own, consider partnering with a local handyman.
  2. Treat Around Doors and Windows. Termites may come indoors from the front door, back door, or windows. Prevent this from happening by regularly caulking, sealing, and weatherproofing any gaps.
  3. Replace Mulch With Gravel Or Stones. Termites feed on the substrate around your home, including wood, mulch, and landscaping chips. By replacing your landscaping substrate with rock or stone, you can dissuade hungry termites from ever approaching the lawn.

Never leave your home up to chance again. Contact Armed Force Pest Control to manage termite colonies at any stage of development.

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If you are finding it difficult to maintain the structural integrity of your home or business, or if you're concerned about potential wood-eating insects making a colony nearby, it might be time to call Armed Force Pest Control for help. We do everything in our power to keep wood-eating insects at bay, applying some of the highest quality services in and around your building. For us, it's not just about control; it's about total pest extermination!

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