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Sebastopol, CA Pest Control

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Pest Control In Sebastopol, CA

Sebastopol sits in the hills overlooking the Laguna de Santa Rosa, Northern California’s largest freshwater wetlands area. The city is probably best known for its apple-growing history, but residents can enjoy the art displays on Florence Avenue and at The Barlow.

Despite its apple-growing reputation, Sebastopol is in Sonoma’s famous wine country, providing access to local vineyards and some of the world’s best wine. Unfortunately, these attractive aspects also make pests a common problem. These creatures live in wetlands, orchards, and vineyards, invading properties to obtain food, water, and shelter. Sebastopol, CA, pest control companies protect residents from them.

Locally owned and operated, Armed Force Pest Control has been serving Sonoma County communities for more than 20 years. We live and work in the area, ensuring we know how to help you.

Residential Pest Control In Sebastopol

Living in Sebastopol offers residents nature experiences, but these areas make pests a common concern. They provide homes to various animals, making them a threat to local communities. Pests invade buildings when they can’t find desirable food, water, and shelter. Residential pest control professionals know their attractants and how to prevent infestations.

Armed Force Pest Control holds agricultural and structural licenses, enabling us to serve over 1,400 residents. We’ll inspect your property to discover pest activity, attractive conditions, and potential entry points. Each visit includes a liquid treatment around your exterior to prevent infestations and interior service. We also provide bimonthly recurring services, which include exterior and interior treatments.

Pests can cause significant problems for Sebastopol residents when they invade their homes. Call us to find out how our residential services can protect your property.

Commercial Pest Control In Sebastopol

The animals that live around Sebastopol present the greatest threat to businesses because they can damage facilities and spread illnesses when they invade buildings. The most effective form of pest control is preventing them from getting inside. Commercial pest control services can eliminate those in your facility and prevent others from entering.

Our technicians at Armed Force Pest Control have experience protecting businesses in various local industries. We’ll inspect your facility to find potentially troublesome pests and conditions before creating a customized plan for their removal. In addition to developing unique treatments, we customize our services for the specific aspects of your building.

Ongoing pest control is essential for businesses, so we provide monthly services. However, we can return more frequently if you require it. Contact us to keep pests away from your Sebastopol business.

Why Bats In Sebastopol Need Professional Treatment To Remove

Multiple species of bats reside in Sebastopol. These nocturnal creatures fly at night to avoid predators, using high-pitched sounds that bounce off objects to navigate in the dark. They mainly eat insects and sleep in trees, rocks, caves, and buildings.

Bats can damage property and spread illnesses, making them troublesome pests. Since they often reside around roofs and their droppings can erode materials, they can cause structures to cave in. They’ll also bite if they feel threatened or are handled, possibly spreading rabies or histoplasmosis. These issues can cause significant problems for residents, so you should call professional bat removal to eliminate these pests.

Some bats are protected in California, making their removal tricky. At Armed Force Pest Control, we’ll inspect your building to find bats and entry points, remove them using one-way exit netting, and repair damage caused by the infestation. Our technicians can clean out affected crawl spaces and attics to eliminate health risks and replace insulation.

Bats are problematic pests because they bite, cause damage, and the law protects some. Call us if you need to get bats off of your Sebastopol property.

Benefits Of Professional Rodent Exclusion For Sebastopol Homes

Various rodents live around Sebastopol, causing problems for residents. Most of these creatures will invade your yard but stay out of your home. They cause damage by feeding on your ornamentals, impacting the appearance of your yard. Rats and mice create more problems because they'll enter your house.

Rats and mice invade homes through tiny entry points and hide in walls or attics. They’ll gnaw on your electrical cords and dig through your insulation for warmth. These actions can result in house fires or ineffective insulation, increasing utility bills. Rodent exclusion professionals can protect you by removing these pests and preventing future infestations. The benefits of professional rodent exclusion include:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Protection of  your health
  • Prevention of infestations

When you call Armed Force Pest Control for our rodent exclusion services, we’ll start by inspecting your property and preparing an exclusion report. We’ll use traps to capture the pests and repair damage to prevent them from re-entering your home. Rodents can cause damage and provide a health threat to your Sebastopol home. Call us to get rid of rodents on your property.

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