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Pest Control In Rohnert Park, CA

Rohnert Park wasn’t nicknamed “The Friendly City” for nothing. With beautiful neighborhoods, each featuring parks and walking trails, a thriving arts scene, and of course, everything Wine Country has to offer, Rohnert Park does its job of living up to its nickname. It’s a great place to visit, work, or call home.

Suppose you live in one of Rohnert Park’s neighborhoods or run a business within our city limits. In that case, you want to keep your property as well-maintained as possible, to keep up your property values and for the well-being of everyone who comes under your roof. If pests get onto your property, they can risk your well-being. Armed Force Pest Control can get your property back to its pest-free status. We offer Sonoma County pest control services that are designed around your needs. Our highly trained technicians can handle even the most challenging pest problems using the latest advancements in our industry.

Residential Pest Control In Rohnert Park

You take good care of your house. You keep it clean, make necessary repairs, and ensure that everything works as it should. Even so, if it’s not being actively protected against pests, you could end up with an infestation. While some pests are just a nuisance, others can damage your property or make your family sick. 

Keeping your Rohnert Park home free of pests requires a bit of forethought. By contacting the Armed Force Pest Control experts, you can stop pests problems in your house before they start. Even if you’ve already discovered pests in your home, limiting their negative impact is not too late. Our home pest control services are fully customized to meet your home’s specific pest control needs. We’ll create a pest control blueprint for you to approve so that you can be sure your home gets the same protection it needs.

Commercial Pest Control In Rohnert Park

Commercial pest control services are not an optional part of business ownership; they are necessary. A business that is not protected from pests is not only at risk of a damaged reputation and property but is also opening itself up to possible legal trouble if a customer gets sick or injured due to the pest problem. By proactively protecting your Rohnert Park business from pests, you can avoid the many problems pests cause, saving you many headaches and a lot of money.

Armed Force Pest Control provides the commercial pest control services you’re looking for. Our pest control plans are designed to provide long-term protection. Once we set a treatment plan in motion, you’ll receive regular follow-up visits to ensure it’s working as effectively as possible. Protect your business with the help of Armed Force Pest Control.

Rohnert Park Exterminators Offer Termite Detection Tips

Termites are a significant problem in Rohnert Park. Our climate lends itself to termite activity, so it’s essential to protect your home against them and know the signs of termites inside your house. If you don’t know how to spot termite damage, these wood-destroying insects could live in your home for months or years without your knowledge, damaging every wooden structure inside while they’re there.

Although a lot of termite damage is not noticeable until it is extensive, there are signs you can look for to identify an infestation as early as possible.

  • Mud tubes. These are typically found along your foundation walls, both inside and outside. They are about the width of a pencil.
  • Termite swarmers or discarded wings. The only termites to come out in the open are the termite swarmers. They only come out in the open when they are mating. This typically happens in the spring, and once they find a mate, they will shed their wings and go back underground. A large termite colony is nearby if you find a large pile of discarded wings.
  • Frass. Frass is termite waste that looks a lot like sawdust. You will most likely find it on the ground near a wooden structure. If you see it, check the wood for small holes, which is another sign of termites.
  • Sticky doors or windows. Termites can damage window and door frames, making it difficult for them to open and close properly.
  • Bulging walls, peeling or bubbling paint or wallpaper, buckling floors, sagging ceilings. All of these things are signs of a very advanced termite infestation. 

If you see any of the above signs around your Rohnert Park home, contact Armed Force Pest Control right away. The sooner a termite infestation is eliminated, the less damage it can cause. We also offer termite prevention services that protect your home from termites 24/7.

Stopping Nuisance Spiders From Invading Your Rohnert Park Home

If you want to keep spiders away from your Rohnert Park home, you need to understand what attracts them to your house in the first place. Like other living things, spiders have several basic needs that they must fulfill to survive. Spiders need food, water, and shelter. Your home may provide all three of these things.

Since spiders eat insects, there must be insects in your house for them to want to stay there. Often, a home with a spider infestation also has other pest infestations that need to be taken care of. Spiders will find it suitable if your home has available water due to humidity or a water leak. Finally, if your home has areas where spiders can hide, they’ll find the shelter they’re looking for. 

By eliminating food and water sources and areas of clutter where spiders can easily hide, you can help stop nuisance spiders from invading your Rohnert Park home. However, contact Armed Force Pest Control if you are already dealing with spiders in your house. We offer the pest control services you need to get rid of your spider infestation and identify and correct any underlying pest problems that might be contributing to the spider problem. Contact us today!

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