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Rodent Baiting & Exclusion In Middletown, CA

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Effective Rodent Baiting & Exclusion Services For Middletown Properties

A rodent is one pest that always makes an impact as soon as they invade your home. No matter the species, rodents will cause property damage, transmit diseases, and cause all kinds of other problems. For these reasons and more, it's vital to remove them from the premises as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, with their insanely fast reproduction rates and ability to hide, it's nearly impossible to use DIY rodent control methods effectively. That's why we're ready to step in and provide the rodent control you need with our rodent baiting and exclusion services for a rodent-free home!

Rodent Prevention Tips

Ideally, rodents haven't already invaded your home. If that's true, then stick to these prevention tips to continue keeping them away:

  • Eliminate water sources.
  • Practice proper food storage.
  • Sweep and vacuum regularly.
  • Maintain effective trash management.
  • Seal up all entry points.

If rodents in Middletown have made it inside your home, then don't wait another second to get help from trained professionals for your rodent control needs. The quicker your response, the easier it will be to take back control of your home.

Our Rodent Control Process

We don't believe in playing around when it comes to keeping rodents outside of your home. That's why we've honed our approach to a flawless three-step process. Our three-step process involves the following:

  • Inspection: We'll check for existing entry points, signs of an infestation, and other conducive conditions. After the inspection, we'll prepare an exclusion report for your review.
  • Trapping: We'll set traps inside your home to eliminate any rodents already inside. Our technicians don't use poison since that can result in rodents dying inside a wall or other inaccessible area, resulting in horrific odor problems.
  • Exclusion repairs: After we've corrected your existing rodent problem, we'll perform exclusion repairs to prevent re-entry.

If exclusion isn't an option, we'll provide exterior baiting solutions to help reduce the rodent population from the outside. We place these tamper-proof stations in select spots outside your home.

If you need home rodent control solutions, you need Armed Force Pest Control! Contact us today to get started on becoming rodent-free!

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