Santa Rosa's Complete Guide To Effective Rodent Control

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You might notice damage by insects and creatures before you see the pests themselves. It's alarming how many species can thrive without being detected. Not only can they ruin your Santa Rosa home or business, but they can also expose you and others to germs or diseases. Types of rodents, such as mice and rats, are massive threats in our area.

Human dwellings offer warmth, water, and food, so keeping rats and mice away is difficult. Further, rodents breed quickly, so populating buildings isn't complicated for them. Use our guide to learn more about these critters and deterrence techniques. At Armed Force Pest Control, Inc., we provide a humane way to get rid of mice and rats. 

What Makes An Animal A Rodent?

The main thing that distinguishes rodents from other creatures is that they have incisor teeth that constantly grow. There are many types of rodents in the region. Among dominant species are roof rats and house mice. The former is about 15 inches long, with large ears and eyes and a pointed nose. As you might assume, their tails have scales. These black or brown critters enter domiciles and establishments by crawling across overhanging tree branches and power lines. House mice are much smaller, being around 7 inches long. Their fur is gray, black, or brown, but their bellies are light-colored.

Rodents have flexible bodies and can get around crevices just ½ an inch wide. Their teeth will be of use as well, making gaps wider. Basements, attics, cabinets, structural voids, and the like are typical hiding places. Any dark spot that is humid and damp will do. If you have a lot of vegetation on your property, you'll probably have rodent problems.

Below are some signs of a rodent infestation:

  • Discovering droppings shaped like rods with blunt ends

  • Finding footprints with four front toes and five back toes

  • Hearing scratching and squeaking from inside walls

  • Seeing bite indentations on foundations and cables 

  • Smelling foul odors persistently

It is essential for you to respond accordingly by getting professional home pest services when you encounter these issues. 

The Property Damage And Health Risks Rodents Create

Rodents cope with their overgrowing teeth by gnawing on an assortment of items. Rats and mice chewing wires can be particularly disastrous. Several people have had to deal with electrical shortages and fires. Unfortunately, that's not all that can happen. When vermin nibble on pipes and walls, plumbing mishaps and cosmetic damages are likely. 

Diseases mice carry can include salmonella, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, and hantavirus. Rats can pass these on too. Rodents have bacteria or parasites in their hair, urine, feces, and saliva. Moreover, they interact with germs in the dirty settings they gravitate to, like alleys, sewers, and dumpsters. Should vermin have contact with your surfaces and food, there's the risk of contamination.

Four Simple Yet Effective Rodent Exclusion Tips For Around The House

Use these four tips to keep mice away:

  1. Get Tidy: Decrease any overall clutter. Meticulously clean the kitchen, sweep and mop floors, and vacuum rugs. 

  2. Store Things Properly: Place food, pet chow, and garbage in secure containers.

  3. Do repairs: Fix leaks and moisture dysfunctions. Seal holes in utilities and foundations; steel wool is better than plastic or rubber.

  4. Go Outside: Flush out vents, gutters, and drains, keep plants away from your house, and trim grass and greenery.

The Best Way To Keep The Rodents Away In Santa Rosa

Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. can protect you from the diseases mice carry and rats harbor. Our Santa Rosa pest expert technicians will employ traps without poison and exclusion repair tools. You won't have to stress about rats or mice chewing wires and other items! Commercial products are costly, toxic, and not for infestations. Call us today for effective rodent control solutions you can feel good about!

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