The Humane Way To Get Rid Of Bats On Your Santa Rosa Property

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You cannot conquer bug populations without adequate pest control in Middleton. If you don't seek professional services, pests could damage your property and personal effects. On top of that, critters may hurt you with stings and bites. They also can make you sick. Most species harbor nasty germs or diseases. All of these issues come with wildlife as well. Bat control is just as essential as treating for insects.

You must familiarize yourself with humane bat control options because invasions are more common than people realize. Find out more now about deterrence and how these animals operate. Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. can provide bat control specialists for your Santa Rosa home or business.

The Role Bats Play In The Ecosystem

For all their faults, we need bats to help maintain the ecosystem. These animals pollinate plants and consume arthropods and insects. Some are just two inches long, while others can reach five inches or greater. In any case, wingspans are rather wide, some over eleven inches. The majority of bats are brown, gray, or black.

Again, bats eat other critters, so a lack of pest control could put your domicile or establishment on their radar. Landscaping is alluring to them too. You should be on alert if there's a woody and grassy area or a body of water nearby. An early step in building a prevention plan is deducing how to control wild bats in the attic because they enter human dwellings through high spots, for instance, fascia boards, chimneys, louvers, vents, and doors. They'll flock to dark places with low traffic, such as outbuildings, garages, sheds, and belfries. Hollow trees are favorite places to settle outdoors. 

The following signs indicate an infestation:

  • Hearing squeaking or scratching sounds

  • Observing flying bats at sunset

  • Discovering droppings 

  • Smelling urine; odors are especially noticeable when it's warm outside 

When you encounter such things, you have to contact professionals. You don't want to risk confronting the consequences of a bat infiltration. 

Why You Don't Want Bats Hanging Around Your Property

Bat control is a must because these animals have parasites, pathogens, and bacteria. Their feces contains fungi that have a relationship to lung disease. If they're carrying rabies, you could end up with psychological complications and convulsions. Fleas and mites might be in the fur of bats as well. Keep in mind that these creatures will bite if they're feeling defensive.

The Safe And Humane Way To Remove Bats From Your Property

"Do it yourself" techniques and commercial bat control products are not the way to go. First, they're very expensive. Second, they won't tackle an infestation. And third, they could be hazardous to utilize. We at Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. employ safe and humane bat control methods. Our industrial-grade approaches include one-way exit netting and exclusion repairs. These tools will remove the animals from the premises and block them from returning. Call us today to get more details about our bat control solutions for your Santa Rosa home or business!

How To Prevent Bats From Returning To Your Property

Enhancing your exterior maintenance practices is how to control bats in the attic and around your property: 

  • Patch up holes in foundations and rooflines with steel wool. 

  • Ensure screens and sweeps are intact, and doors and windows close firmly. 

  • Attach covers and caps to chimneys and vents. 

  • Mow the grass and trim plants. 

  • Don't over-plant and over-water greenery.

Give us a ring at Armed Force Pest Control, Inc.; our solutions trump bat control products from the store. We can eradicate bats and the critters they munch on! 

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