The Benefits Of Professional Tree Spraying For Your Santa Rosa Property

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The trees on your Santa Rosa property are beautiful and add great value to your yard. Making sure they stay beautiful involves knowing how to provide them with what they need to flourish and protecting them from the hazards that cause harm to them. Among these hazards include pest infestations; various pests feed on the leaves and bark of trees, stripping them bare and sometimes damaging them to the point where they have to be removed. How can you protect your trees from these damaging pests? Find out how the professionals at Armed Force Pest Control provide Santa Rosa pest control that protects the trees on your property and can get rid of pests that are trying to destroy them.

What Is Professional Tree Spraying And Fertilization?

Professional tree spraying in Santa Rosa is done to keep trees safe from pests that can damage them. The process involves applying protective coats of environmentally safe chemicals to the leaves and bark of the trees to protect them from abuse by pests. This spraying is done once or twice every year and is preferred to the alternative of having to remove and replace damaged trees. Fertilizing trees on your property is important because it replaces the necessary minerals and nutrients that are missing from the surrounding soil. Actively fertilizing your trees helps protect them from pests and disease and will allow them to withstand damage from the environment better than a tree that is lacking in nutrients.

Protect Your Trees From Pest Infestations

The biggest reason to hire a company that performs professional tree spraying and pest control in Santa Rosa is to prevent pest infestations on your property. These pests are not only a nuisance to homeowners, but they reduce the quality of your property and do a lot of damage to the trees on it. Some of the pests that attack trees include:

  • Aphids
  • Termites
  • Beetles
  • Pine borers
  • Carpenter ants
  • Emerald ash borers

Termites are a particularly nasty pest to have on your property, as they not only damage the trees in your yard, but cause major damage to the structure of your home if they manage to get inside. Spraying trees not only protects them from these destructive pests, but allows them to flourish and develop naturally. 

Promote Healthy Tree Growth And Expand Lifespan

Spraying and fertilizing the trees on your Santa Rosa property will promote their growth while expanding their lifespan. Controlling the insects that damage and infest your trees keeps the trees looking beautiful and helps prevent a full-blown pest infestation on your property. Finding professional help that performs quality pest control and knows how to properly manage and protect the trees in your yard seems like a lot to ask from one company, but luckily the experts at Armed Force Pest Control perform such services and perform them well.

Take The Hassle Out Of Keeping The Trees On Your Property Beautiful

Armed Force Pest Control is locally-owned and locally-operated and has been providing pest and weed control services to homes and businesses for more than 15 years. We have an agricultural license, which allows us to treat more areas than our competitors, including surrounding landscaping, trees, lawns, and shrubs. This provides more coverage on your property and produces better results. Our tree spraying and fertilization treatments keep the trees on your property looking beautiful and pest-free, while our extensive knowledge of the surrounding pests in the area helps eliminate them from your property and keep them from coming back. We care about every customer’s needs and our commitment to providing excellent services and professional customer service shows in the large number of our long-standing customers. If you care about the trees on your property and keeping them healthy and free from the destructive pests that ruin them, give us a call today to request your free quote.

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