Santa Rosa Termites Can Be Tricky To Handle Alone

termite mud tubes leading from a window into a home

Don’t let the tiny size of termites fool you. Sure, they may look harmless, but these critters have powerful jaws that saw through your wood effortlessly. And with a huge appetite for destruction, they can munch their way through almost any wooden structure, costing you way more than just aggravation.

Fortunately, Armed Force Pest Control provides the most effective solutions to eradicate all kinds of termites from your property before they can cause serious damage. Read on to learn more about termites and how Santa Rosa pest control professionals can get rid of them fast.

The Life Cycle Of Common Termites

The life cycle of a termite colony always begins with the reproductive termites, also known as the king and queen. These two insects represent the beginning of a new colony and take what’s known as a “nuptial flight” before they mate. The queen can lay around 25 eggs a minute, which could total 30,000 eggs in one day. The other members that make up a colony include the workers, soldiers, and nymphs. The workers forage for food and care for the nymphs while the soldiers guard against threats to the colony from potential predators. 

Clearly, these pests can multiply quickly, which adds up to a big problem. For the best termite control company for your Santa Rosa home, give Armed Force Pest Control a call to schedule a thorough home inspection.

Signs Of Termite Damage To Look For Around The House

You don’t have to be a detective to know what to watch for if termites have descended upon your property. If you have an inkling that these insects have infested any of your wooden structures, you may notice the following clues to confirm your suspicions:

  • Hollow-sounding wood when probed or tapped.

  • Small holes in wooden fixtures or structures.

  • Buckled, warped, or peeling paint or wallpaper that mimics water damage.

  • Discarded termite wings near window sills or doors.

  • Swarming insects around your property.

Termites in Santa Rosa also construct tube-like pathways that can become visible within your foundation or walls that they use to travel to and from their wooden food sources. If any of these signs of termites in your home ring true for you, don’t second-guess yourself. It's important to get professional help to avoid the significant structural damage termites can cause if not addressed. Get in touch with your local pest control service for their assistance. 

What Attracts Termites To Homes?

Imagine needing only one single substance to survive. No more having to constantly walk down crowded grocery store aisles to shop for different meals and snacks that your family likes to eat. Well, that may not be feasible for humans, but it certainly is for termites. The organic material called cellulose gives these insects all the vital nutrients they need to live long and prosper. Their digestive system allows them to break down cellulose into a form that they can use as a food source.

So, although the frame of your house may be unappetizing to you, it supplies all the energy termites need to survive and reproduce. Good for them but bad for homeowners with an abundance of wooden features on their property for these critters to feast on. Before you worry if your home may be a target for termites, contact a reputable termite and home pest control company for a consultation. 

The Secret To Total Termite Control For Santa Rosa Properties

There’s no mistaking the power of professionals with a proven track record of success in their field. These individuals hold the secret to achieving the greatest results. When it comes to a termite infestation, you don’t want to waste time attempting to resolve such a complex and difficult dilemma on your own. Trust experienced technicians with the background and skillset to eliminate termites successfully.

With over 20 years in pest management, Armed Force Pest Control has delivered exceptional service that keeps the properties of our Santa Rosa residents healthy and safe. Whether it’s your place of business or your humble abode, our advanced termite treatments and techniques will ensure that wherever you are is free of these critters. Contact us today so we can start working on your estimate.

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