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What is wildlife?

Wildlife or wild animals are those animals that live outdoors in nature and don't require the help of people to survive.

As humans have taken over more wildlife habitats, these animals have had to adapt and learn to live near people.

There are many species of wild animals that have become a common problem for homeowners living in California, one that is the biggest problem in our region is the bat.

Bats are the only species of true flying mammal. Instead of traditional front legs like other animals, bats have leathery wings that enable them to fly. A bat's wings are formed by a piece of skin that attaches its front and back legs. A bat's wings are void of hair, while their bodies have black or brown fur.

a bat hanging from a rock

Is wildlife dangerous?

Wild animals can carry and spread many diseases, and bats can transmit rabies through their saliva. They also carry a fungus in their feces called histoplasma capsulatum, which leads to lung disease in people. In their fur, there are fleas and ticks that carry their own diseases that can make people ill.

Wild animals are not domesticated and therefore unpredictable. When they feel threatened or cornered, they won't hesitate to defend themselves by biting or scratching.

Wildlife cause damage in and around homes. They burrow under foundations, cause damage to lawns, gardens, and trees, and create unsightly messes by digging through trash cans and compost bins.

When wild animals move into our homes, they can cause structural damage, destroy personal items, and contaminate food.

Why do I have a wildlife problem?

Bats and other wild animals are attracted to properties that offer them food sources. Bats feed on insects, so properties with a lot of trees, gardens, and standing water are likely to become a home to bats. Other things near our homes that attract insects and the hungry bats that feed on them, as well as other types of wild animals, include open trash cans, outdoor eating areas, and pet food.

Where will I find wildlife?

If bats live near your house or in your house, it is common to see them swooping around your yard at dusk when they are most active and out and about feasting on the insects that are also most active this time of day.

Properties with wooded areas, pools, or ponds have the most problems with these wild animals. If bats decide to use your home as a place to nest, roof eaves, attics, chimneys, and wall voids often become their home.

Other types of wild animals won't hesitate to take up residence in your yards trees, shrubs, bushes, along spaces under decks and porches, and on top of roofs either. The more food and shelter your property provides wild animals, the more problematic they will become.

How do I get rid of wildlife?

Unpredictable, dangerous, and difficult to control are just some of the reasons why you should partner with a professional to handle your California property's wildlife issues. We know how frustrating problems with wildlife like bats can be and will provide the inspection, removal, and exclusion service for your Middletown home necessary to eliminate bats. If you are looking to remove bats from your Lake County, Napa County, Mendocino County, or Sonoma County property, we are here to help. Reach out today to schedule an inspection of your property and learn more about our humane bat removal and exclusion service!

How can I prevent wildlife in the future?

In addition to the benefits of professional pest control services in Middletown, CA, the following prevention tips will help make your home less attractive to bats and other wildlife.

  • Regularly inspect your home's exterior; seal any holes in the roof, place mesh covers over vents, and make sure chimneys always have caps on them to prevent bats and other wild animals from moving inside.
  • Remove standing water and excess vegetation from your yard that attracts insects bats like to feed on.
  • Switch white outdoor light bulbs to yellow or LED lights that are less attractive to insects.
  • Install bat boxes at the perimeter of your yard to provide them with shelter away from your home. 

Discover more about bat and other wildlife control on your California property; reach out to Armed Force Pest Control today!

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