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Stinging Insects

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What are stinging insects?

Stinging insects live in large populations throughout California as our weather, plentiful vegetation and outdoor spaces provide them a place to live and forage for food.

Yellow jackets, wasps, and bees regularly find their way into our yards, where they quickly make themselves at home while at the same time making it unsafe for you to enjoy your outdoor spaces.

Stinging insects all have a stinger that extends from their hind end. They use it as a means to defend themselves from danger, while yellow jackets and other predatory species will also use it for hunting their insect prey.

Are stinging insects dangerous?

Nobody wants to be stung by a yellow jacket, wasp, or bee, but a sting is inevitable when these pests are living in your yard. Stinging insects tend to be territorial. When trying to enjoy your outdoor space, if you come too close to a nest or accidentally come into contact with a stinging insect, you will likely receive a painful sting. People allergic to stinging insect venom can experience allergic reactions that can become so severe they require medical attention. 

Why do I have a stinging insect problem?

Stinging insects are pests that can turn your serene backyard into a place you fear. Stinging insects are a problem when they nest in high-traffic areas and make it so you and your family can’t spend time in your yard without fear of being stung.

Stinging insects often become a problem in our California yards because they offer them many different places to build their nests, forage for food (insects or plant nectar), and water sources.

Where will I find stinging insects?

Stinging insects live outside and use their wings to move wherever they must to meet their basic needs. Aside from putting a dome around your property to keep them out, the best way to avoid problems with these pests is to know where they like to build their nests. If you see stinging insects swarming around a specific area of your yard, a nest is likely near.

Some places where stinging insects regularly place nests include:

  • Tree and shrubs
  • Tree hollows
  • Under roof eaves 
  • In the corners of windows and doors
  • Under grills, decks, or porches
  • Ground holes or within the abandoned nests of small animals (yellow jackets)
  • Other sheltered spots that offer protection against predators and harsh weather

The safest way to remove a stinging insect nest on your property is to contact a professional with the experience and equipment necessary to remove the nest without anyone getting hurt.

How do I get rid of stinging insects?

The safest way to get rid of problematic stinging insects from your California yard or home is to partner with a professional. Trying to take care of a stinging insect problem on your own is never good advice. At Armed Force Pest Control, we will find, bait, and safely remove stinging insects from your property. To learn more about working together for the most effective stinging insect control possible, reach out to us today and speak with one of our informative and friendly professionals. Our pest professionals are standing by to discuss your home pest control options!

How can I prevent stinging insects in the future?

In addition to professional pest control services in Middletown, the following prevention tips will help make your home less attractive to stinging insects.

  • Cut back foliage from the outside of your home.
  • Fill in ground holes in your yard. 
  • Remove flowering vegetation away from your windows and doors.
  • Remove areas of standing water from your property.
  • Regularly inspect windows, doors, roof overhangs, decks, and porch steps for stinging insect nests. 
  • Seal holes in your home’s exterior to help prevent stinging insects from building a nest behind your home’s walls.

Reach out to Armed Force Pest Control to learn how we can work together to prevent problems with stinging insects around your California home!

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